Do you want to be a more productive writer? Do you need help with focus and motivation? Need ideas for organizing your time and work? Need to know you're not alone in writing your thesis, dissertation, or manuscript?

You are invited to join other graduate students who have writing goals during the break by subscribing to the BreakWriting listserv. During the semester break we'll send e-mails twice a week with suggestions for those who are having difficulty starting to write as well as for those who are having difficulty finishing a writing project. We'll suggest research-based strategies to organize your writing schedule and hold yourself accountable for meeting your goals. We'll offer tips for writing and editing, dealing with procrastination and perfectionism, and overcoming writer's block, including the one sure-fire way to complete your writing and dissertation. The last posting will include resources to help you with writing throughout the new year, including how to structure a writing support group in your graduate program.

To subscribe to the BreakWriting listserv send an e-mail to In the message type Subscribe BreakWriting.

The BreakWriting listserv offering tips for becoming a more productive writer was begun in 2006 and has continued with updated and revised postings each year. If you want to read the tips posted for the 2011-2012 semester break, click on the topics below.

#1 Write Every Day

#2 Schedule Your Writing

#3 Really Bad First Drafts

#4 Reduce Distractions

#5 Resolve to Be a More Productive Writer

#6 Your Last Five Minutes of Writing

#7 Writing with a Deadline

#8 Keeping Yourself Motivated

#9 Are You Writing the Perfect Dissertation?

#10 Binge Writing

#11 Your Writing Environment

#12 Stuck?

#13 Writing vs. Revising and Editing

#14 Time Management for Writing I

#15 Time Management for Writing II

#16 How to Think and Act Like a Writer